BÉTEMPS BOIS, created in 1925, and a NEOFOR Group subsidiary is a company which has been perpetuating
family values over 4 generations.

Located in Bonneville in Haute-Savoie, BÉTEMPS BOIS is the largest sawmill in Haute-Savoie. It processes some 140,000 m3 of logs, producing 60,000 m3 of sawnwood and 45,000 tons of related.

Its core activity is the first processing of sawn softwood from local forests. The main resulting products are:

  • Structural-quality sawnwood for the construction industry.
  • Sawnwood for indoor and outdoor fittings such as cladding, weatherboarding, terrace decking, panelling and parquets.
  • Sawnwood for the industrial packaging, formwork, packaging and specific products markets.
  • Related products such as chips, barks and sawdust are also available.

The BONNEVILLE-BÉTEMPS proposes a range of services:

  • Supply.
  • Drying.
  • Planing.
  • Treatment.
  • Digital Milling.
  • Preservation treatment and ISPM 15.

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Certificat BQS NEOFOR Betemps Bonneville Certificat Cubage Bois ronds 2019 Betemps Bonneville

Bois qualité Savoie

Z.A. 110 Rue des Sarcelles
74130 Bonneville – France
Tel: +33 (0)4 50 97 24 85