Our missions

In an ever-more eco-responsible world, the choice of wood as an obvious answer continues to gain great momentum.

1. Innovating to constantly better address our customers' needs and ensure wood is given a "useful" place and role in mindful consumption:

  • By producing products tailored to new uses
  • By implementing new digital economy tools
  • By imagining tomorrow

2. Promoting sustainable forest management with a view to reducing greenhouse gas:

  • By ensuring controlled and limited timber harvesting and consumption
  • By supporting the renewal of reforestation required for future generations
  • By encouraging short chains and by reducing the carbon footprint

3. Offering our staff the best environment as regards hygiene, quality and safety:

  • By preserving and developing traditional know-how and expertise and preparing those of tomorrow
  • By providing training, being versatile and transmitting skills

4. Constantly improving our operational performances to ensure sound economic profitability and to enable us to invest in new equipment and tools:

  • By securing the jobs of our ecosystem
  • By helping develop the regions where we work

The NEOFOR Group is built on pursuing these missions.
They define the way it manages its activities and conducts its business.