NEOFOR proposes terrace decking slats:

A terrace decking slat is a straight solid wood component flat-fixed on joists or on straight supports without edge contact. Planking (or decking) is an outdoor ground covering comprising terrace slats fixed directly to a support or terrace slats fixed to joists which are in turn fixed to a support. The support provides the stability for the planking (decking).

Areas of use:

Outdoor wood planking (decking) can be used around:

  • Individual houses: terraces, patios, swimming pool surrounds, etc.
  • Collective housing: terraces, balconies, roof-terraces, etc.
  • Facilities open to the public: pathways, walkways, forecourts, terraces, patios, etc.

It is also used for fitting out urban and landscaped spaces:

  • Urban planning: pavements, esplanades, green spaces, etc.
  • Facilities: pontoons, passageways, piers, etc.
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