Our values

Keywords to say...

...what we strive to do, what we strive to be, to build our Group together. To take action in our in-house day-to-day work when regularly exchanging with our partners, suppliers, customers, public authorities.

Neofor Group values


"Being attentive to improve team work, to solve issues effectively, to avoid conflict and, above all, to help create a friendly atmosphere which, in turn, promotes performance and productivity. In times of turmoil and change, each and every one of us is responsible for encouraging harmonious relationships with others. And even more importantly, we are responsible for being attentive and listening to those who have more difficulties".

Neofor Group values


"The very fact of taking human dignity into consideration. Self-respect, mutual respect, initiated through exchange (listening) between individuals who consider themselves as equals, implies accepting commonly-held values, in particular that of listening and being attentive".

Neofor Group values


"Spontaneous or acquired belief in the moral, relational, professional, etc. value of another person, which means that we are incapable of imagining them disappointing, betraying or being incompetent" In Latin etymology, the verb entrust, confide in (from the Latin confidere: cum "with" and fidere "trust") means that we give something precious to someone, by trusting them and surrendering to their goodwill and good faith".

Neofor Group values


"Virtue which enables us to undertake things which are difficult by overcoming fear and by facing danger, suffering, tiredness".

Neofor Group values


"Action of engaging through a promise, an agreement, an obligation, to carry out a precise action or for a specific situation". We commit ourselves, engage ourselves: we don't talk about making a commitment, making an engagement when the subject is something or someone else. The origin of the word takes on its full meaning here, the commitment, engagement is the fact (or act) of "pledging", thus "pledging ourselves".

Neofor Group values


"The fact of going beyond a certain level, beyond certain limits. For example, going beyond what is expected, usual or possible".

Neofor Group values


"A feeling concerning oneself. A feeling of contentment, satisfaction, esteem. (a difference should be made between pride in the sense of feeling proud, being proud of, and arrogance). Pride illustrates the satisfaction we feel when we've been personally involved in achieving success".

Neofor Group values


"A dominant feeling which, when controlled by reason, serves as a catalyst for action, enables us to achieve great things".

Neofor Group values


"Setting aside, giving a part of (something) to (someone). In our case the richness which our Group creates or is involved in creating".